Hello! So you’ve found your way to my blog, firstly thank you and secondly welcome!


conto demo per opzioni binarie You may be wondering who I am, so I’ll do the formal bit first. My name is Fiona and I’m a 36 year old stay-at-home mum to one ‘sparky’ toddler girl. In my previous life as someone with a real job I worked in the civil service in both operational and corporate services departments before deciding that actually, that was WAY too much fun for me to handle and what I REALLY wanted from life was to become a mummy. Ha! So here I am, fortunate enough to have my awesome little girl. I actually cringe at writing these ‘about’ type things by the way, goes back many years when I had to write the personal statement for my UCAS application. I think that ended up being a last minute job (work of fiction) helped along by nicking a few glasses of my mum’s chardonnay to numb the embarrassment.

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conocer mujeres solteras en santiago So what’s this all about I hear you ask? I started doing the ‘mummy blogging’ thing because I came to the conclusion that this motherhood shit is hard. So I thought a way to make it easier could be to share the real stuff with other parents and realise that actually we’re all in the same boat… and hopefully not take all the so-called happy family fluff on Facebook and the like too seriously. My hope is that when you read my blogs you either a) get a laugh or two b) feel better about yourself because you’re doing better than me (!), or c) know that you’re NOT the only one going through whatever you’re going through. And if all else fails, there’s wine.

deutscher broker für binäre optionen I apologise in advance for the sweary bits, I make my mum so proud.